Categories: General
      Date: Sep  2, 2011
     Title: Local government contract
GK Digital wins local government contract against stiff competition

GK Digital is pleased to announce the award of a major local government contract to provide scanning, hosting, retrieval and deep storage solutions. The bid process for this contract has taken 18 months to complete through some of the toughest trading conditions ever seen in the UK. It has been a rough time for all areas of government economically, however, managing information securely and reliably is an important aspect of government services. 

GK Digital will provide digitisation services to the Education Department of the local council to ensure all school records are accurately and secure recorded and archived, making them readily accessible to the correctly approved staff. The original paperwork, in this instance, will be put into deep storage in environmentally secure facilities to ensure that the original documents will not degrade, but still be viable for many years to come.

For further information regarding this solution, please contact GK Digital on