Categories: Testimonials
      Date: May 24, 2011
     Title: LOGIC testamonial
GK Digital offers a more effective and efficient digitisation solution for LOGIC Certification

LOGIC Certification is a UKAS accredited Certification body who certify engineers on various aspects of Gas installation, both domestic and commercial. Their customers are multiple training and test centres around the UK with a need to hold electronic copies of all candidates' test results for a statutory period. GK Digital have won the contract to scan and index the records, and host the secure website to allow Logic Certification customers to view candidates' past results. The document management and retrieval aspects of this solution have been implemented using FileDirector software supplied by Spielberg GmbH.

"GK Digital offer a more effective and efficient digitisation solution for LOGIC Certification. We have tried other scanning and bureau providers in the past, but with limited success. We needed a partner who could provide a complete, secure, managed service, and GKD fit the bill" - MK, Director

The physical data is supplied and managed via a barcode indexing system which enables fast and accurate digitisation. This improves efficiency, ensuring alignment with LOGIC's in house database records, and increasing the protection and security of personal information. All electronic data is held in highly secure remote data warehousing, with encrypted security access. 

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