Categories: General
      Date: Aug  1, 2011
     Title: Orion Group's Book Bark site
GK Digital design and implement Orion Group's first BookBark website

GK Digital has won the contract to design, implement and manage the first ever book bark website ( launched by a major publisher exclusively for independent book retailers.

According to Charlotte Williams of, "Orion has launched an online initiative to support independent booksellers in the UK and Ireland, providing resources such as free-to-download in-store point of sale and exclusive offers."

Digital marketing manager fro Orion Books, Julia Pidduck, said the site was a place for "inspiration" for independents as they can browse titles and promotions, as well as see what extra POS can be ordered, which authors are available for events and with promotional tools available to download and print. She said: "The site has huge possibilities for the future and we hope to develop and tailor it to best suit the needs of its users." 

For further information regarding this solution, please contact GK Digital on